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Welcome to Blacon Community Cafe
CLOSING PDF Print E-mail


We are working hard to find a way forward for the cafe during the Parade redevelopment.

Thank you to all our friends and families and all those we have come to know and love through the cafe.

Cafe Life is Closing PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 22 March 2013 00:00

Dear friends of Cafe Life,

Since 2009 Cafe Life has became known as ‘the miracle cafe’ inspiring many Christians around the world through testimonies and particularly through Aliss’ popular published journal ‘A Diary of Miracles’.  Over the last four years this little building in the middle of a large housing estate has been a place of ministry to many hundreds of people from near and far through prayer and compassion. The over whelming message of the cafe has been that ’Jesus heals and restores all today’ through ordinary people who will step out in faith and believe in His name.

Some time ago we were made aware that the building was earmarked for demolition and in many ways this has extended our stay in the building by a year or two. However, plans are now under way and so Cafe Life closed its door for the last time on THURSDAY 22nd MARCH 2013.

The left hand side of the Blacon Parade of shops is to be completely demolished and rebuilt as a medical centre, supermarket and community facility. The work should start this year and be complete by 2015. Our vision is to see Cafe Life return to this shopping area in the future as an integrated retail unit.

The local authority is supportive of the work of the Cafe but very restricted in what they can offer us due to the lack of premises currently available. It was suggested a mobile cafe might be a temporary solution so we started a fund raiser in January and within one week exceeded or target of £7,000 to buy a second hand catering van! However this is not a straight forward as we first thought and we are still talking to the redevelopment partners about how this might work.

We want to assure those who have donated to the mobile cafe fund that we have ring-fenced the money and it will be used for local missional outreach - we are just waiting patiently at the moment for the best opportunity to open up. We are working hard talking to various local authority representatives and other local services to find the way forward.

We have had four amazing years of friendship, prayer, transformed lives and amazing healing miracles through the Cafe Life ministry. We are grateful to all our friends who have supported us through volunteering time and finance. It is through this support that we have been able to run this wonderful place that has so positively impacted the lives of many, many local people - particularly those suffering from depression, addiction and other social hardships.

The good news is that we are not going anywhere! Many of us live in Blacon and we will continue to share life with local people through God’s grace and favour and continue to look to Him for the way forward and for the well being of all those we have come to know and love. Praise be to God!

Last Updated on Friday, 22 March 2013 11:57
Dee 106.3 Local Radio Interview PDF Print E-mail

Gavin Matthews interviews Aliss Cresswell on the Dee 106.3 local Radio show on Tuesday 22nd March 2011.

Amazing Healings at Cafe Life

Aliss Cresswell (Cafe Life manager - R) prays for Babs McCarthy for her deafness. Babs had been deaf for two years but claimed her hearing was back to normal after being healed by the power of faith in Jesus Christ. At Cafe Life we serve the usual British cafe menu but also offer prayer and spritual guidance. Many customers have claimed to have had miracles performed on them and to have been cured of diseases, broken bones and emotional trauma. (Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)