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A Diary of Miracles Paperback

A Diary of MiraclesAn English suburb in the 21st century; an unlikely place for healings, new life and deliverance from demons…?

‘A Diary of Miracles’ says otherwise. No big event, no media hype, just a heart hungry to see the love and power of God touching the lives of everyday people.

Aliss Cresswell's first book is an exciting and fresh read, a must for every believer who is longing for the Kingdom to be established and for signs and wonders to testify the goodness of Jesus. Aliss' diary over 12 months is packed with hundreds of healings and salvations and is sure to inspire and motivate. Packed with testimonies and examples of the healing power and saving grace of Jesus at work today you will not read this and remain unchanged!

“Like ‘A Diary of Miracles’ we can expect more people’s diaries to read like the Book of Acts as we enter these times of unprecedented harvest.” Rick Joyner

“If you are ready to live the life of Greater Works… this book is for you!” Jason Hooper

“Read the testimonies, receive the breakthroughs and allow your faith to be stirred…” Sean Feucht

“I have seen first-hand the miracles at work… this is real.” Robin McMillan

“Genuine Jesus, A to Z… you will probably buy extra copies to share around.” Hugh Thompson

“Perhaps we are seeing the beginning of a move of God back in this nation…” Ian Clayton

“I pray this book starts a chain of events… when the supernatural becomes much more a normal feature of the followers of Jesus.” Martin Scott

About the Author
Aliss and her husband Rob are the founders of GloryFires, Chester UK. They lead a MorningStar Fellowship church as well as weekly School of the Spirit meetings. They have also set up a cafe and a bookshop, both of which are seeing revival and healing breaking out, with customers coming in for miracles and to meet Jesus! Their heart is to equip others to do the same.

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